M4 Ranch Group has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best hunting land for sale in Colorado and New Mexico. M4 Ranch Group offers a lifetime of experience in western hunting, from migration routes to herd compositions, age class to sex ratios, and landowner licenses and counter tags.

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Hunting Ranches For Sale in Colorado

Looking for Colorado hunting land for sale? Well, you’ve come to the right place because M4 Ranch Group has helped many just like you identify the hunting ranches for sale in Colorado that best suit their desires and close the deal on the perfect one! We’ve been doing this for over 40 years, and our experience marketing and selling all kinds of hunting land in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains has given us unmatched experience. When you partner with M4 Ranch Group to find the best Colorado hunting land for sale, you’ll be getting all of this experience put to work for you.

Our founders were raised right here in Colorado and have the same passion for the ranching and recreational lifestyle as you. One of our founders even served on Colorado DOW’s Big Game Allocation Program (BGLAP) and the Colorado Wildlife Federation Board of Directors, so you’re getting a comprehensive blend of real estate expertise, hunting insight, and knowledge of local wildlife that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. That gives us the confidence to say M4 Ranch Group is your best partner in finding hunting ranches for sale in Colorado that are best suited to the type of game you hunt and the type of land you want to hunt. While we’re helping you find and buy Colorado hunting land for sale, we’ll be more than happy to exchange stories of our favorite hunts, best hunting areas and best game we’ve ever bagged. You’ll probably learn a few things, and we look forward to what we can learn from you!


Colorado Hunting Land & Property For Sale

Our team will provide knowledge, perspective, and valuable insight to critical aspects of hunting land ownership like post-season herd estimates, landowner licenses, landowner tags, herd compositions, migration estimates, and how to leverage big game data to your advantage so you can maximize your investment.

Get started finding your ideal Colorado hunting land for sale by taking a look at our properties, giving us a call at 970-944-4444, or clicking the button below to reach out to one of our experienced brokers.

Being from Texas and in our quest for good water and good grass, the M4 team helped us understand what that truly meant in the different areas of the West.