From open meadows, live water, to vast grazing permits, M4 Ranch Group cattle ranches for sale in Colorado and New Mexico include fertile land to help sustain and grow your cattle operation.

Los Creek Ranch

Los Creek Ranch

Los Creek Ranch lies in one of Colorado’s largest public lands playgrounds, with few people playing in it. Located South East of Gunnison and North West of Saguache, this portion of the Gunnison National Forest and the La Garita Peaks is a true sportsman’s wish come true.


Powderhorn Creek Ranch

Powderhorn Creek Ranch

Privacy, improvements, access, location, views are just some of the key words that help to describe Powderhorn Creek Ranch. The 199.4± private acres are backed into thousands of public acres. At the backdoor and as a ranch backdrop is the 62,250 protected acres of the Powderhorn Wilderness Area.


Rio de Los Pinos Ranch

Rio de Los Pinos Ranch

Lovely alpine vistas, a marvelous trout stream, four-season recreation, and one of the nation's last operating narrow gauge railroads all make the Los Pinos Ranch a rare treasure west of Antonito in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado.


Historical Razor Creek Ranch

Historical Razor Creek Ranch

As you sit back and soak up the beauty of over 1 mile of Razor Creek flowing the full length of this ranch and absorb the breathtaking 360-degree views stretching from Lion's Head Mountain to the east all the way north to the picturesque views of the West Elk Range, you will see why this ranch has been preserved for future generations. The ranch's certified organic hay meadows are nestled in the center of this breathtaking landscape.


Colorado Cattle Ranches For Sale

Back in the early 1800s, the influence of predominantly grazing was adopted by Mexican cattle producers and the term "Rancho" which identified a gathering of people eating together, became associated with this way of living. To this day, a ranch is much like a family, in which a group of workers or "hands" often live on the property in bunkhouses and share meals together. They work the land and depend on their own resources, improvisations, and tenacity to raise cattle or other livestock without much in the way of needing to plant, cultivate, or harvest plant crops.

The Cattle-ranching Lifestyle

Cattle ranching evokes a lot of romantic notions of riding herd at sunset, watching the sun dip down behind the mountains. Pushing cattle over snaking rivers and into greener pastures on horseback. But cattle ranching is actually a lot of hard work that goes with moments such as these. Ranchers work long hours, every day of the year. They have limited resources and are dependent on market prices for their cattle, cutting costs to increase profit margins, and even dealing with losses due to predators, natural disasters such as blizzards and droughts, and any number of other forces at work against them. Ranching isn't for the faint of heart and when you are a rancher you never really get the day off. You are always thinking of your next move, branding, hiring and firing hands, artificial insemination, and getting the most out of your investment. Running a ranch is a lot like being the CEO of a major corporation, only you have to put on your gloves and boots and get dirty a lot.

The work is hard, but it is fulfilling. You get to work outside with diverse people, close to nature, and you get to call the land your own.

What to Look For in a Colorado Cattle Ranch

Before deciding on a property for cattle ranching there are a number of things you need to consider. As with any real estate, location is important. Does the spread have access to water? What kind of water rights are you getting with this parcel? If there are homes and outbuildings, what kind of condition are they in? Are they worth fixing up, or can you knock them all down and start over? What are summers and winters like in the area? What kinds of resources are nearby, such as access to public roads, equipment on the property, or even access to public lands for expanded grazing? Can the property yield a good hay crop for not only your livestock in the winter, but potentially to sell as a bumper crop?

For these and many other questions, it is important to do your research before making any decisions on choosing a Colorado cattle ranch that is for sale, and that's why M4 Ranch Group is here to help.

Why M4 Ranch Group?

We've been in the ranch and land brokerage business for over 30 years. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients acquire the Colorado cattle ranch of their dreams, no matter how big or small. We curate our services to finding the best land to fit your needs as well as your budget, from auctions to direct sales for farms, ranches, and any of your other property needs.

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