Colorado’s Top Fishing Destinations in Spring

March 13, 2019

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Spring is on the way, and so is the best time to fish Colorado’s lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. As the snow melts, you can think about fishing opportunities. As long as you watch out for private property signs, or those indicating fishing property for sale, have a valid fishing license, and abide by posted rules, you should do fine at these fishing destinations in Colorado:


Delaney Buttes Lakes

Located 10 miles west of Walden, North Delaney, South Delany, or East Delaney lakes abound with trout. A trophy brown trout fishery manages North Delany, which is known to be challenging and rewarding. Only flies and lures are permitted on these three lakes.

Lake John

Lake John is notorious for its large fish catches. It has maintained its popularity for trophy-sized trout since the 1960s. Productivity fluctuates from year to year, although reclamation efforts in 2011 have led to heavy restocking of rainbows and Snake River cutthroats.

Lake Granby

Lake Granby is six miles northeast of Granby. It is one of the nation’s top Mackinaw fisheries. To maintain a balance between the trout and salmon populations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has been encouraging anglers to focus on trout under 19 inches.

Boyd Lake

This 1,700-acre reservoir has a diversity of fish. You can catch white bass, trout, walleye, catfish, crappie, perch, and bluegill. The early spring is the best time for trout fishing. Warm-water species thrive in late spring/early summer.



Taylor Park Reservoir

Catch big rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout in this 2,000-acre reservoir 35 miles northeast of Gunnison. The resident lake trout can be found near shorelines in spring. Some anglers have scored with 20+ pound Mackinaw.

Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain Reservoir in South Park is ideal for trout fishing. Anglers have been known to line up on the reservoir’s annual spring opening. Rated a Gold Metal Water, Spinney Mountain has yielded trout exceeding 10 pounds with lures or fly fishing.

Eleven Mile State Park

Large trout from 5 to 12 pounds are common at this 3,400-acre reservoir. Colorado anglers often catch trophy-sized fish here. The best spots for early-season fishing are the north shore, Cross Creek, and Lazy Boy areas.

Blue Mesa Reservoir

This 9,000-acre reservoir is Colorado’s largest. The reservoir’s depth (up to 300 feet), cold water, and abundant forage have yielded large catches—the record is a 50.35-pound trout caught in 2007.1 Trout often migrate from deeper water to the shallows in spring, bringing them within range of shore anglers.



Rio Grande

Winding and peaceful, the Rio Grande affords its best fishing in the San Juan Mountains between Del Norte and South Fork. Fishing here peaks from June to July.

Gore Creek

Despite its small size, this stream is regarded as one of Colorado’s best fishing destinations. Large trout are common. Fishing is permitted along the entire length of the creek.

North Platte River

This river is known for some of the best trout in the western U.S. Beginning in North Park, it is accessible in some areas only by raft or kayak.

Upper Arkansas River

The river’s desert sections are best for fishing trout and rainbows. You may also find opportunities as it passes through canyons, hayfields, and sub-alpine meadows.

The Frying Pan River

This river is known internationally for fly and lure fishing. Located between Ruedi Reservoir and Roaring Fork, it’s also known for clear waters and beautiful mountain vistas.

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