Everything You Need to Know About Living Off the Grid

October 27, 2021

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The Earth is far more beautiful, bountiful, and giving than most will ever know. Even a small parcel of land can evolve into a reliable and renewable resource for food, water, shelter, and even power. Living off the grid like this and relying mainly on the land for sustenance may not be the traditional way of life in today’s modern world, but this lifestyle is not just sustainable and healthier for the environment but very rewarding as well. The reward? Not only are you able to enjoy nature’s beauty every single day, but you’ll become self-sufficient, soaking in and enjoying Mother Nature’s gifts.

If you’re interested in purchasing ranch real estate in New Mexico or ranch real estate Colorado or just have a broad interest in new ranch homes for sale, then learning to live off the grid – and the land – is a skill you’ll likely find interesting and useful. Interested? Here’s what you need to know…

What Living Off the Land really Means

When you live off the land, you’re devoting yourself to a lifestyle which requires you to find renewable power, water, and food sources that can be harvested from the land. Typically, this means

  • Getting power from the sun, wind, or water.
  • Foraging and hunting for food.
  • Finding access to clean water.

When you learn to effectively live off the land, you learn life-long skills to be self-sufficient and how to make do with what you have, along with an appreciation for the little things – the chirping of birds in the morning, a beautiful sunset, sunlight cascading through the tree line, and more. These are just a few of the benefits of unplugging yourself and immersing yourself in nature.

Essential Resources

Because you’ll be relying on the land for all your needs, you’ll want to learn as much about the land and its surrounding area as possible before even considering purchasing it, so you know it’ll be able to keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy.


Despite it being one of the most essential components to life, we often take access to clean water for granted. When you’re living off the grid, you can’t simply turn on a faucet and have infinite access to the temperature of water you desire. It’s up to you to find a clean, moving water. To get access to drinkable water, you may consider:

  • Digging a well
  • Collecting rainwater
  • Finding a way to divert water from a fresh water source to your home

Water is your most precious resource when living off the grid, so finding a way to store it is just as important as finding potable water itself.


Like water, we often take food for granted. When living off the grid food will become even more important because you won’t have a grocery store right around the corner. You will likely want to rely on your land for some of your nutrients and energy. After all, you can’t make the necessary repairs to your shelter, collect water, or find more food without food! You’ll likely want to acquire food through hunting, fishing, farming, and managing the land in a way that crops are always kept in good health, and fish and animals are attracted to your property.


When looking at home and ranch real estate for sale, making sure the land offers access to a safe and well-built shelter is equally as important as its access to water and food. This should be more than just a roof over your head – that’s the bare minimum – because the shelter will have to protect you from the elements like extreme heat, cold, snow, rain, wind, and any predatory animals that may find their way on to your land.

What Else to Consider

You should also take into account the land’s history and quality, local zoning laws, finances and taxes, and water rights before making a decision. You may be confident that the land is a place you can become self-sufficient on, but there could be local laws and regulations that prevent you from doing so, or you may be paying more taxes than you expected. You can learn more about those factors here.

Living off the grid can seem like quite the challenge at first, but the freedom of the land can be quite a rewarding experience with proper planning, resources, experience, and the right mindset.

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